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Wealthsurance Growth Insurance Plan SP

  • Features
  • Eligibility Criteria

Convenience of one-time payment - With Wealthsurance, you pay just once and can enjoy growth on your investments along with a life cover.

Investment amount as per your financial goal - You can invest any amount starting from Rs 25,000.

There is no upper limit to the premium amount. Since this is a one-time investment plan, a higher investment will let you build more wealth.

Flexibility to manage your investments - Based on your risk appetite, you can decide and tell us how to invest your money.

you can also manage your investments during the term by switching between funds at no extra cost. You get to choose from our wide bouquet of funds - IDBI Federal Investment Basket.

Guaranteed loyalty additions to help your savings grow faster - Wealthsurance gives an added impetus to your investment account through Guaranteed Loyalty Additions.

It is credited to your investment account at the end of the 5th policy year and every 5 years thereafter, to reward you for staying invested for the long term

Guaranteed loyalty additions help increase your earnings, which in turn, results in adding to your returns.

Guaranteed loyalty additions will be 2.5% of the average fund value in the investment account over the last 36 months preceding the loyalty unit allocation date.

In case you have invested in multiple funds, guaranteed loyalty additions will be added to each fund in the same proportion as the fund value in each fund bears to the total fund value.


Minimum/ Maximum

Wealthsurance Growth Insurance Plan SP

Age at entry Minimum 1 month completed
Maximum 70 years
Age at maturity Minimum 18 years
Maximum 75 years
Policy Term Fixed options 5 years/ 10 years/ 15 years/ 20 years/25 years Subject to minimum and maximum maturity age as mentioned above
Premium payment term   Single premium
Premium Minimum 25,000
Maximum No Limit (subject to underwriting)
Sum assured Minimum Basic sum assured - 1.25 times the Single Premium
For age at maturity up to 48 years - 10 times single premium For age at maturity greater than 48 - 1.25 times single premium

*All ages are as per last birthday

Note: In case the insured person is a minor, the minimum policy term should be such that the insured person turns at least 18 years of age at maturity. For example, if the age of the child is 5 years, then 18-5 = 13; hence, the next higher policy term option available is 15 years.